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Airport Tasting Rooms Are on the Rise       January 2019 Article "Wine Enthusiast" by Karen Newman

"Not only are airport tasting rooms an ideal way to start or end a trip, but they give travelers a taste of the local scene.

The Westward Whiskey Tasting Room is hopping: People are browsing, tasting, buying. But this isn’t the producer’s distillery-side location in Portland, Oregon. It’s Concourse C at Portland International Airport.

A growing number of beverage producers are opening up similar venues in or near airports, creating ideal spots to spend a layover, or to kick off or conclude a trip."

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"Breweries were first to offer such outposts. Ohio’s Great Lakes Brewing Company was one to lead the charge when it established a space at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Another was Harpoon, which built a taproom at Boston Logan International, followed by Stone Brewing, with a hangout at San Diego’s airport.

In 2016, Westward Whiskey opened what it claims is the world’s first-ever airport spirits tasting room, a sleek, traveler-friendly rendition of its flagship. High West Distillery later opened a “saloon” in Salt Lake City, Utah’s airport. And, last year, Quantum Spirits staged a pop-up space at Pittsburgh International Airport during the lead-up to the holiday season."

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Article date: January 22, 2019

About the Author: Kara Newman, Sprits Editor,


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Kane: Quality Is Job One       January 2019 Article "Beer & Brewing" by John Holl

"As part of the second wave of current New Jersey breweries, Michael Kane has seen and experienced a lot of good and bad and climbed many hills that brewers in other states would take for granted."

"CBB // What was your plan in the beginning?

MK // When we opened, the plan was to be a bit more focused, probably. But because of my homebrewing background, we’re all over the place. We easily get distracted. We’re probably not good at planning and making calendars and saying when something is going to come out and then letting everyone know about it. It’s more like, “Hey, this sounds cool. Let’s do that.”

CBB // You’re known for IPAs and barrel-aged stouts, but occasionally you put out a lager. Why?

MK // We had some brewers who really wanted to brew lagers, and we thought it was an interesting challenge. So, a year and a half ago, we started playing around with 20-barrel batches.

CBB // But people won’t line up for a beer like that. I find that fascinating because these are the beers you, as brewers, drink and like making, but there isn’t a lot of beer-geek interest.

MK // We do a lot of different beers, and there are a lot of different beers for different times. Sometimes it’s a nice “hang on the beach with my friends and drink a beer” beer, and then there are other times when I want to drink a 10 percent ABV coconut barrel-aged porter. We brew different beer for different times.

I believe that we leave it to the customers to decide what they want to drink. When we do the lagers, we sell a lot of it to a different group. It’s not the crowd that lines up for a barrel-aged stout, and that’s fine. Not every beer we make needs the attention and the crowds here. Not everything needs to be a line-up beer."

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