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"Wine-on-Tap was. . . voted as one of the top beverage trends" according to a article published in 2017.

Why kegged wine?There are lots of things that can happen to a bottle of wine before it gets to restaurants and bars. Kegging wine avoids oxidation and other mishaps to your wine as it reaches its final destination.

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The Craft Beverage Expo was held in Portland, Oregon on November 7th through November 9th. Thank you everyone who came by our booth. We hope you enjoy the hop signs!

And a big shout out to our Nano Beer Fest locals. Thank you

for the creating this amazing event! We are excited about small batch beers, ciders and mead. . . 


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For more  information on the Expo, please visit Craft Beverage Expo.

What We Do?

We provide products to the food and beverage industry which extends to distribution and point of sale. Our current product list includes: coasters, plastic-ware, pitchers, labels, keg labeling, and closures for bottles and keg caps. We also provide point of sale products such as Tin Tackers, bottle openers, and signs.

As a total service provider, we can provide all of your printing needs. Promotional branding is available for all our clients, large or small. You may request a quote or simply ask your representative for further information.

Not sure of the design you want yet?

No problem!

We offer one hour of FREE Graphic Design Services with each order. This service is available for all of our products and services. Learn More!

New Products at JB!

Graphic Design Services & Custom Printed Promotional Products

NASHVILLE      APRIL 30 - MAY 3, 2018

Craft Beverage Expo     November 2017

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These Wood Barrel Top Signs are 21" in diameter & re-purposed from authentic wine and whiskey top. Each barrel top is different in coloration and slats. You can print any artwork to make it as unique as your brand.Learn More!

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Wine Keg Collar


"The Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America® will be held at Nashville’s Music City Center from April 30–May 3, 2018."

"What is the Craft Brewers Conference?
The Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) is the only industry event that serves both brewpubs and packaging breweries. This is an annual show that travels to different cities each year. For professional brewers, CBC is the number one environment in North America for concentrated, affordable brewing education and idea sharing to improve brewery quality and performance. The conference is also a great social event with thousands of brewing industry professionals enjoying craft brews together. BrewExpo America® allows exhibitors and buyers to develop profitable business relationships and helps brewing and brewery restaurant professionals encounter the latest and best products and services that industry vendors have to offer. [Craft Brewers Conference] Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be a part of this year’s conference and trade show for the brewing and brewpub industry! (Please note: This is an industry only conference and trade show & is not open to the public.)"

Look for our ad in the CBC program to receive immediate savings on our products!

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Our  new Wine Keg Collar is the only label you will need for distribution. It is now available and in stock at our West Coast facility. Feel free to call us for more information or order direct online by clicking here.