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Beverage Boxes

Choose Beverage Boxes to stand out on a crowded store shelf!

Stand Out!

Make it easier for customers to carry canned beer, seltzer, hard cider, wine, kombucha, soda,and more. Six panels of full-color graphics give additional room to describe the contents, share brand information, add a pack size UPC code, and any required government warnings. Can carriers or wraps also ensure your graphics face forward instead of relying on the store to properly orient the cans in the cooler. Select either an auto-bottom with locking tab (AB) or partial overlap seal end (POSE) style box printed on 18-point wet strength recycled paperboard designed to meet the demands of cold and environments (it’s recyclable, too).



Auto-Bottom (AB): Select the auto-bottom base with a locking tab (AB) for manual can packing. It features a strong base glued at the factory. Simply pop open the box, fill with product, fold the smaller dust flaps first, fold in and tuck the bottom flap (with widest tuck end), then fold and tuck in the final front panel with smaller locking tab.


Partial Overlap Seal End (POSE): The partial overlap seal end (POSE) style has closure ends that partially overlap each other only in the area needed to apply the glue line. Canning operations with automatic filling operations typically use this style. To fill manually, pop open the box, fold in the smaller dust flaps of one side first, fold in the inner closure panels, add a line of glue, and fold in the outer panels. Set on glued end, fill with product, then repeat steps to seal the remaining end.

Image of a Auto-bottom (ab) for a box that folds the smaller dust flaps first
Image of a Partial overlap seal end stule has closure ends that partially overlap each other. Canning operations generally use this style.
Image of a custom made box for packaging.

Wine Boxes
Use printed Wine Boxes to highlight a bottled wine, infused oil, or flavored syrup on a store shelf or for promotional packaging. Attract additional attention in a retail environment using a wine box to differentiate the brand among rows of bottles on the store shelves. Four panels of full-color graphics give additional room to build the brand. Wine bottle boxes also work well for promotional gift campaigns with a company logo and message.

These rectangle shaped boxes with a built-in handle have an auto-bottom base to support the bottle weight. Our folding cartons are printed on a white SBS paperboard material. Choose high-quality printed wine bottle cartons that will exceed your expectations. You can rely on us when you need promotional wine bottle packaging, or any type of point of purchase and retail products, printed on time for a variety of indoor purposes.

Can carriers & wraps ensure your brand is face forward!

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