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Our 4-pack beverage cartons, specifically designed for 12oz slim cans, are the perfect way to showcase your brand in a crowded store environment, making it easier for customers to locate and purchase your canned beverages. Our high-quality printing ensures that your branding and messaging stand out, while the sturdy construction of the cartons keeps your products safe and secure.


Whether you're a new beverage company looking to make a splash in the market or an established brand looking for a fresh packaging solution, our 4-pack beverage cartons are the perfect choice for all of your canned refreshment needs. Order now and give your beverages the packaging they deserve.


4 pack beverage cartons 12oz Slim Cans

Style: 4-pack 12 oz Slim Cans
Material: 18 pt. Wet Strength Carton Stock
Cut Type: Individual Thru-Cut
Shape*: Seal End (POSE)
Size: 6.25” x 4.6" x 4.6"
Round Corners: No
Imprint: 4CP


**All prices are subject to change without notice.

*Shape: Select our auto-bottom base with a locking tab for manual can packing or our partial overlap seal end carton for automatic filling operations. For more information click here!


No Plate charges or set-up fees. Shipping charges are in addition.
Comments: Additional charges may apply once the artwork is received. All lead times are estimated and may change during times of heavy volume.

4 pack beverage cartons 12oz Slim Cans-POSE

  • Six panels of full-color graphics give additional room to tell your story, describe your beverage, add product specifications, a pack size UPC code, and the required government warnings.

    Can carriers or wraps also ensure your graphics face forward instead of worrying if your cans aren’t properly oriented in the cooler for customers to find.