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Brewery Row, Omega Mart, and Quading: Your "Breakout session" at CBC Vegas

Updated: Apr 30

Image of a wall with a google searches and a map of vegas and a to-do list

CBC is here! Between workshops, networking, and the World Beer Cup your CBC days are packed. If you can, try to make time for your "breakout session" in Vegas fashion.

Brewery Row

Vegas is all about the next big the thing and of course the City of Las Vegas

is making efforts to bring in a local craft fair in the craft beer market. Brewery Row is a new district in Las Vegas "where a natural cluster of craft brewers have been creating and serving in downtown Las Vegas". Take yourself out on a tour and use the map provided by the City of Las Vegas.

There are so many breweries in Vegas to visit and we wish we could list them all. Instead we selected several that are close enough to the conference for you to check out!

Arts District / Brewery Row (Between Charleston & The Stratosphere)

Omega Mart

This "exhibition invites “shoppers” to explore beyond the store and uncover interactive artscapes". Search for Secret doors and passages masking as a box of cereal that lead you into "new worlds and artful revelations. Get lost in aisles of whimsical products as this irresistible story of a family-store-turned-supermarket unfurls into mega-impactful art". And while you wander about, be sure to “watch out for exceptional customers, difficult spills, and not-so-secret bars”! Check out Omega Mart.

Desert Escape

Tired of the bright lights and endless buffets of Vegas? Why not ditch the strip for a few hours and hit the desert dunes for some off-roading fun! With tours ranging from 2 to 4 hours, you'll have plenty of time to get adrenaline pumping. Check out Trip Advisor for a list of available and places to explore. Who knows, you might even find some buried treasure out there!


All images used for this blog have links to the website of the original owner. JB Products Corp has no sponsorship ties to any of the business listed. We have provided this information for your enjoyment only. For more information on what each have to offer, please check the websites referenced. Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you have a wonderful experience at CBC Vegas. See you next year!

For more information on this annual event, please visit Craft Brewers Conference


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