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The Quick and Easy: Create a QR Code in 3 Steps

Updated: Jan 24

You use them to log into your streaming accounts on consoles, see them on ads, brochures and even business cards. So, why should you use them, where can you apply them and how do you create them?

Why QR Codes?

They are fast and easy! Few of us want to bother with entering a web address which makes QR Codes the perfect way to scan and obtain information.

Where to use QR Codes?

Use them anywhere they can be scanned and anywhere they will be of practical use for you.

Labels & Collars

QR Codes are perfect for can/bottle labels and collars. Remember that you want everything about you and the beer on the label, but can’t fit everything. So, create a link to your website with information on your product such as how it was made, how long it will keep and where to find more. This will make your brand stand out. Your guest and barkeeps will appreciate knowing more about the product.


Put your bar coasters to work for you! Many people collect coasters which makes it a great option as they get to your customers with no questions asked. And bonus, coasters are biodegradable, printed with vegetable inks and made with recycled materials which makes them Eco-friendly and an easy choice for marketing.


Reduce paper waste, bring printing costs down and provide a contactless environment for your guests by adding a QR Code to your table top for guests. Once they scan the QR code, it directs them to the website with your menu. Just be sure to check your WiFi because not everyone's mobile device has mobile internet available.

Tags & Shelf Talkers

Tags are a great way to highlight a product. Add a QR Code to your growler tag and link it to your rotating beer list. Or use a shelf-talker or bottle collar in stores to make your bottle stand out. Try catch phrases that creates a call-to-action such as “gluten free” or “limited release”, or “get free coupon”.

How to Create a QR Code in 3 steps

There are business on the internet that can help create QR Codes, but the easiest, and free way, is to create one yourself. Here’s how. . .

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and type in the URL of the web page that you want to

create a qr code for. (Note: not all browsers offer this option, so be sure to use Google Chrome)

Step 2: Once you have the page loaded, right click on the page in any white space. A window will automatically open up (see image). Select the line that says “Create QR Code for this page”.

Instructions for creating a qr code in google chrome

Step 3: Once selected, another window will pop up to download or copy the QR Code. We suggest downloading the QR Code.

Take it a step further and open the QR Code in Photoshop or any editing software and erase the dinosaur. In its place, add your logo or anything you want. Just be sure to keep clear of the code. Make sure it is on a white background and never print a QR Code smaller than 2cm x 2cm. Lastly, always test your QR Code to make sure it works.

And that’s it!

It is easy to create a QR Code in 3 steps and when comes to advertising, images do all the talking. Just imagine how convenient it is to pull out your camera, scan and not have to search for anything. Remember that the more someone searches for your business, the better your google performance, so try using QR Codes in your 2024 marketing campaign and invent more ways to add them as the options are only limited by our imagination.


Blog written by JB Products Corp

Have questions about creating QR Codes or need assistance adding them to your artwork? No problem! We can help as we offer FREE art service with each order. Email us at for help!


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